Medical bills are one of the most common triggers for bankruptcy. Too many families and individuals have too little health insurance to match the soaring costs that go along with a serious illness, a chronic condition or an injury.

An Illness or Injury Can Soon Create Excessive Debt Even When a Person Has Health Insurance

A pregnancy, for example, can easily become a very high-dollar life event if complications develop or if a baby is born in need of intensive care. Simple surgery such as an appendicitis operation can likewise get more complicated and require longer hospitalization. Medication co-pays, emergency room co-pays and doctors’ fees can add up quickly for someone with a chronic medical condition that requires frequent monitoring. And of course, a serious illness such as cancer becomes an overwhelmingly expensive matter for most people — and at the same time that a person loses a lot of income because of being unable to continue working.

Health Insurance Often Does Not Cover Enough

Insurance companies and sponsoring employers increasingly build in limits and exceptions to coverage, so that even someone with “good” insurance may soon incur large amounts of medical debt. No wonder, then, that medical debt forces so many people into bankruptcy — even people who do not believe in defaulting on loans that carry their signatures.

Medical Debt Is Included in a Bankruptcy Discharge

The good news with regard to bankruptcy is that medical debt, along with credit card debt, is, in fact, one of the types of debt that bankruptcy can wipe out. Whether you end up filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, you can expect much or all of your medical debt to be discharged when your bankruptcy is complete.

Will Bankruptcy Interfere With Your Healthcare Needs?

What if you have ongoing, critical healthcare needs such as chemotherapy? You may fear that if you eliminate medical debt through bankruptcy, your healthcare providers will cease to provide that care. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer can help dispel those fears and advocate on your behalf as needed. Talk to us at Davis Law Firm for more information on how we can help.

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